What are the best pocket camping multi tool?

With the best camping multi tool you can solve nearly any problem whenever you are outdoor. When it comes to selecting camping multi tool, it should be the one that full of functionality. However, there is other factor to consider is the weight of the tool. I prefer something that add minimal weight and bulk to my pack.

Therefore, the pocket camping multi tool is always my choice. It is the tool that small enough to put in your pocket. Although the pocket multi tools are compact but they include most essential functions needed for camp life. After several hours researching multi tool, I would like to shear with all of you my list of good quality pocket camping multi tool.

#1 ROXON S801 16-in-1 STROM Multitool Pliers-Pocket Multi Tool

There is nothing better than carry a small tool but it includes 16 different functions. This multi tool can be used as big scissor, saw, knife, rope cutter, hook disgorger, can opener, bottle opener, corkscrew, flat screw driver & file, glass breaker, Phillips screwdriver, needle nose pliers, regular pliers, wire cutters, and a ruler.

It will ensure you will always ready for any situation when you are outdoor. Besides, the price is also affordable so everyone can get it. It is made of 30Cr13, 20Cr13, 10Cr13, etc materials, what makes it hardness, corrosion resistance and durable.

Even if you place it near your kids or you are the one that do not have as much experience with this tool, you can rest your mind as this one comes with the safe-locking mechanism. What I like about this product is that it comes with 10 years warranty, what makes it the smart investment that worth your money. However. The multi tool is a little bit heavier than others.

#2 WORKPRO Multitool Knife, 15-in-1 Multitool

What I like most about this multi tool is that it comes with compact design, making it lighter than the previous options. It includes 15 different functions are Plier, Knife, Saw, Screwdriver, Wire Cutter, Bottle/Can Opener, Double Sided Nail File. You may surprise that this multi tool comes with inexpensive price of $28 but it offers most essential tools that you need for hunting, camping, and hiking.

It features a safe locking mechanism, so you can place it in your pocket and do not need to worry that the tools are not stay in their place. It is made from stainless steel material and coasted with a stonewash finish, what makes it durable even with regular used. The product also comes with convenient sheath and a belt loop, what useful for carry.

#3 SidiOutil Multi-Tools Pliers 11-in-1 Multi-Purpose Pocket Pliers Kit

This multi tool is folding plier. There are a lot of functions included in this tool that you will need in the survival life. You can cut and pierce, start a fire, open a can or a bottle, screw things, cut wires, etc. Just like other product on this list, the SidiOutil Multi-Tools Plier is also come with the compact size for the maximum portable. It also has a low price that everyone can easy get it.

It is made from high quality stainless steel and guaranteed to be corrosion and rust resistant. However, some users complained that this one did not as sturdy as they expected. It also does not offer the convenient sheath., but I still consider this one is great value for the money.

#4 Morpilot Tactical Flashlight and Pocket Knifes Set

This is exactly amazing multi tools. Not only can be used as a regular knife, pliers, this also a  wire cutter, nail file, wire stripper, large slotted screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, bottle and can opener. What makes it different from other tools is that apart from multiple function it offers, this one also provides 11 various screw bits.

It measures about 4 inches length and weight about 0.7 ibs. This is the ideal tools for carry outdoor. It is made from aluminium frame and stainless steel, what make it one of the most reliable products. However, it is complained because of stiff grip.

Last but not least, this tool comes with flashlights, which can be use in 5 modes are High brightness, medium brightness, low brightness, strobe, and SOS. The flashlight is extremely useful in the emergency situation.

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