DIY Hobby Lobby Inspired Artwork

It was a cold, windy day a few weeks ago, and my grandma and I thought it would be best spent wandering the aisles of Hobby Lobby in search of materials to make earrings. Meandering through the store, this piece of artwork called to me with words of encouragement. “You got this.” Thinking this would … Read more

Pink Lemonade Cupcakes With Cream Cheese Maraschino Cherry Frosting

My daughter turned 12 back in August. She really wanted pink lemonade cupcakes for her party, but I had trouble finding a recipe online that had consistently good reviews, and I’m not a boxed mix kinda gal. Given that she sprung her request on me about two days before her birthday, I made vanilla cupcakes … Read more

5 Safety Tips for Women When Walking Alone At Night

Most women will find themselves having to walk alone at night at one time or another. Even in suburban and rural areas, the rising costs of car maintenance and transportation has increased the number of women resorting to traveling on foot. There are many reasons that you might find yourself walking at night, including emergencies, … Read more

Top 5 Martial Arts You Should Learn to Protect Yourself

People are increasingly learning martial arts for both self-protection and to improve the state of their discipline in daily life. These time-honored styles of fighting can be learned by nearly anyone, as long as you are in generally good health, have the ability to stick with a program, and the drive to improve yourself. By … Read more

5 Tips to Ensure Your Kids Are Protected in School from Bullies

Bullying is an increasingly significant problem in today’s schools. Facing pressures at home, many children lash out at others for anything deemed different or unique. The cost of bullying on a growing child’s self-esteem can be catastrophic, especially if it continues unchecked over time. Many children are too ashamed or embarrassed to admit when they’re … Read more

Some Wonderful Tips for You to Enjoy a Beach Trip

Trips to the beach are fun and can always help one relax, play and even create lifelong memories. Planning a beach trip is always important and it ensures one gets to enjoy the beach without any regrets, insecurities or feeling disappointed. To ensure the best beach trip ever, implement the following invaluable tips. 15 tips … Read more

What Are The Health Benefits of Quinoa and How To Preserve It?

Quinoa are a kind of “super food” that brings a lot of health benefits, while also helping you maintain a slim physique thanks to weight loss effects. If you just want to eat delicious and nutritious without worrying about weight gain, don’t miss the quinoa! Although quinoa is not a grain but it has some … Read more

5 Tips on the Best Way to React to a Street Robbery

Nearly everyone knows someone who has been the victim of a robbery. You may have even been so unfortunate yourself. Even if you live in a suburban area, due to increasing poverty and drug abuse rates, you could be the victim of a street robbery, whether in your car at the bank or while walking … Read more

Some Basic Self-Defense Moves Anyone Can Learn

You hope it will never happen, but hope offers no protection. Anyone can be a victim of an attack in our increasingly dangerous world, whether you live in the city or the suburbs, and learning a few basic self-defense moves is an easy, excellent preventative measure. This is especially true if you’re female. All women … Read more