Why is it important to heat the pool water?

Why is it important to heat the pool water?
Weatherizing a swimming pool is one of the most frequent practices that are being carried out nowadays. There are many people who perform this action either to improve the environment when using it or to improve the methods of disinfection of its waters. A pool heater is considered when the temperature is between 27 and 28 degrees Celsius to be able to use it not only in summer but at any time of the year. Likewise, aspects such as the size of the pool, the climate of the place where it is located and whether it is covered or not should be considered.

There are many alternatives to carry out the heating of a pool, among them we have electric heaters, heat pumps, exchangers, covers and solar panels that allow us to increase the water temperature to get more comfort when taking a bath, swimming, submerge or simply to eliminate the creation of bacteria that cold water can produce.

The first advantage that this practice leaves us is the capacity to determine to our liking the heat degree of the water in the pool, no matter where it is. In addition, it permits to regulate the temperature of the zone’s ambient in which it is located through dehumidifiers, which will offer the user the possibility of obtaining a much more satisfactory experience.

Another factor in favor of pool heaters is that they allow us to extend the bathing season. That is to say, people can use these tools and tips to make their pool functional even in seasons where the weather is very cold and even, at best, when they have complete equipment and their maintenance work is done frequently, they can be used all year round.

Also, the processes of cleaning and disinfecting the water of the pools and their components is affected to a large extent by its temperature. Many people rely on the power of heat to destroy bacteria and attack germs, which is why they choose to heat the water to high temperatures and thus avoid the formation of bacterial colonies and the spread of diseases. However, it is important to know that the higher the water temperature is, the faster the deterioration process becomes; so it is recommended not only to keep it warm but to regulate it at neutral temperatures so as not to alter its composition.

Thanks to advances in ecological technology, we have solar panels specially designed to function as solar pool heaters. Devices that do not require high amounts of energy to perform their work, they also allow the use of the power and properties of the sun for the care, maintenance and regulation of both the state of the water and the pool in general.

Furthermore, it is important to carry out deep cleaning processes frequently, especially because water tends to modify its state and allow the creation of microorganisms when its temperature varies constantly and without control. For this reason, there are different devices such as robotic cleaners or automated filters, in addition to a series of chemicals and natural products that can be used for disinfection and sanitization of the area.