The best Defoamers for your hot tub

The best Defoamers for your hot tub
Some people ask themselves; what would a Defoamer bring to my hot tub anyway? The answer is that chemicals and dirt stick to the water after using a hot tub. A friend of mine has a hot tub and asked me: Why would you need a Defoamer for my hot tub? Having foam in your hot tub is not only fun but also has some calming effects. Using a good Defoamer is key in preventing this foam from transforming into nasty bacterias. Foam in your hot tub causes chemicals and or other dirt to create bacterias in your hot tub. This dirt and chemicals could come from swimwear, hair growth product, shampoo or soap, hair lotion, make up and so on. When foam appears these substances are whipped up and create dirty foam layers. It not only causes bacterias, but also draining problems, damage to pipes and the dirty top layer of the hot tub. By using a good Defoamer, the foam becomes neutralized. Luckily there is a test pannel who reached out and tested a wide range of Defoamers for hot tubs. You can find the article here. There are various kinds of Defoamers, Defoamers based on oils, silicones, alcohols and glycols. The hassle of chasing the best Defoamer is discussed in the aforementioned article. When having a hot tub can provide several health benefits, a good Defoamer will make sure you also keep your hot tub in optimal condition.

The most important advantages of a good hot tub Defoamer

A good Defoamer will make the water more clear and thinner. It will make sure all the foam is neutralized and bacterias and other dirt is being filter by the hot tub pump. When all the dirt and bacterias are still in the foam, the hot tub pump and filter have no change of attacking these nasty subjects.

The most important advantages of using a hot tub Defoamer:

– It makes water more clear. Foam is one of the main reasons why water is turning murky, using a good defamer can clear the water by dissolving foam.

– It gets rid of foam build-up. It prevent foam from being build op on top of the water, balancing out the chemicals of this water.

– It makes water less thick which is mainly caused by foam.

– Chemicals and Chloride will be eliminated. Chloride and chemicals are okay to cleanse your hot tub, but it has to be neutralized when you want to get into your own hot tub. The Defoamer will do this job. Cleaning the foam will get rid of these two substances as well.

– It dissipates dirt and other bacteria and unwanted substances that build in the foam.