Sinkers and Weights: A Guide to Fishing Deep

Sinkers and Weights: Getting Your Bait Down Deep


Sinkers and weights are essential tools for anglers looking to fish in deeper waters. These weights, often attached to fishing lines, serve various purposes, including keeping bait in place and helping anglers reach greater depths. In this article, we will explore the importance of sinkers and weights in fishing, different types of sinkers, and techniques for fishing deep.

1. The Role of Sinkers and Weights

Sinkers and weights play a crucial role in fishing by providing resistance and improving the chances of catching fish in deeper waters. A sinker, also known as a weight, is attached to the end of the fishing line. Its purpose is to keep the bait in place and provide sufficient weight to help anglers cast their lines with accuracy.

The weight of the sinker also enables the angler to reach greater depths, where many species of fish reside. By adding a sinker to the fishing line, anglers can cast their bait further and ensure it sinks to the desired depth.

2. Types of Sinkers

a. Split Shot Sinkers: Split shot sinkers are small, lead weights with a slit on one side. They are suitable for fishing in shallow waters, typically less than 6 feet deep. These sinkers are easy to attach and remove from the fishing line, offering versatility and adjustability.

b. Egg Sinkers: Egg sinkers are oval-shaped and allow for smooth movement along the fishing line. They are commonly used when fishing in freshwater, especially in rivers and lakes. Their design minimizes snagging and allows the bait to move naturally in the water.

c. Bank Sinkers: Bank sinkers are often used in bottom fishing and have a flat shape that prevents them from rolling along the river or ocean floor. They are available in various sizes and are ideal for fishing in strong currents or deep waters.

d. Pyramid Sinkers: Pyramid sinkers are excellent for surf fishing or fishing in areas with strong currents. Their pyramid shape provides stability and prevents them from being carried away by the current. They are particularly effective when fishing with bait on the ocean floor.

e. Bullet Sinkers: Bullet sinkers have a streamlined shape and are commonly used in bass fishing. Their aerodynamic design allows for accurate casting and helps the bait sink quickly to the desired depth.

3. Techniques for Fishing Deep

a. Downrigger Fishing: A downrigger is a device that allows anglers to fish at specific depths by using a weighted line connected to a rod and reel. The downrigger weight can be adjusted to fish at different depths, allowing anglers to target specific species of fish that reside at various depths in the water column.

b. Trolling with Weights: Trolling involves trailing a baited line behind a moving boat. To fish deep while trolling, anglers can add additional weight to their lines using methods like snap weights or diving devices. These weights help the bait reach greater depths and attract fish that dwell in deep waters.

c. Vertical Jigging: Vertical jigging is a technique that involves dropping a heavy jig vertically into the water column and then rapidly retrieving it. This technique is effective for fishing in deep waters, especially when targeting species like striped bass or tuna. The weight of the jig allows it to quickly reach the desired depth, attracting fish with its attractive movement.

d. Carolina Rig: The Carolina rig is a popular setup for fishing in deeper waters, particularly when targeting bass. It involves attaching a sinker to the mainline above a swivel, with a leader line and hook attached to the opposite end of the swivel. This rig allows for better control of depth and helps anglers present their bait effectively.


Sinkers and weights are essential tools for anglers looking to fish in deeper waters. By adding weight to their lines, anglers can reach greater depths and increase their chances of catching fish. Different types of sinkers offer versatility and adaptability for various fishing conditions and techniques. Whether using downriggers, trolling weights, vertical jigging, or Carolina rigs, anglers have numerous options to explore when it comes to fishing deep. So, next time you head out on a fishing trip, make sure to equip yourself with the right sinkers and weights to enhance your chances of success.