How to Remove Pet Odor From Your Carpet

The critical importance of a carpet in a home is relaxing comfort after a day of hustles and bustles. But, how would it be when getting home to a ‘welcome’ of the fetid atmosphere.

Pets are a lovely company to have around. They are little friends most people can’t do without them. But, when you get caught up by an unexpected, and you fail to get home at your expected time, you may find the messy accident right on your carpet thanks to your pet.

No wonder the strong acrid smell all over your house.

Don’t worry. With the right cleaning solution, you will reverse the sorry messy state of your house in no time to what you expected to find.

5 Exclusive Things-to-do to Remove Pet Odor

Follow the following procedures to eliminate the odor.

#1 – Identifying the Messy Spot

It might be challenging to determine the exact spot where your pet made the mess and especially if it is urine. ‘Following the smell’ may not help much in identifying it. Use UV light or backlight to track the urine spot. Mark the area that has the pet urine for cleaning.

#2 – Cleaning

Use odor-removing carpet shampoo for such cleaning. A carpet cleaner that contains enzymes can entirely neutralize pet odor. If you use any other carpet cleaner, it will not remove the odor and thus leave the place still smelling urine. It may cause your pet to use that spot as its litter area once again.

Spray the spot with the cleaner and allow it to sit for a while before wiping it out. If the odor is still there, repeat the process until you are sure your carpet is completely odor-free.

#3 – Drying the Spot

Since you didn’t clean the entire carpet but only the targeted spot, use dry clothes to absorb any wetness or use a hair dryer to dry the place completely.

#4 – Recheck the Spot Using UV Light

To make sure there is no urine spot on your carpet, recheck it with the same UV light or backlight. If it is gone, well done! But, if it is still there, you will have to follow the cleaning procedure once again.

#5 – Stain Removal

The odor may have gone, but there is stain spot left behind. In such a situation, you need to use a pet stain remover. You can only restore your beautiful carpet by removing all stains.

There are some stain removers which double up as odor removers as well. Get one such as that to save you from double cleaning tasks to remove the odor and the stains at the same time. For better results, follow the product’s user instructions carefully and to the latter.


The best pet odor cleaning shampoo is one with enzymatic bacteria that can deal effectively with ammonia crystals. Refrain from using any ammonia cleaning product as it will attract your pet to messing on the spot because of ammonia smell.

If the pet persists to urine on your surfaces, have it checked by a vet to rule out any health issue such as infection in the kidney or urinary tract.

Have a pet odor-free day! Won’t you?