How to Make a Balloon Arch Stand

How to Make a Balloon Arch Stand
For parties, gatherings, celebrations, and other occasions, a balloon archway is a fun and aesthetically pleasing idea to present to guests. To have this fun party decoration for your gatherings, it is important to learn how to make a balloon arch stand and it is not that difficult. To make a balloon arch stand, certain materials and procedures will be needed:

  1. An assortment of balloons, usually of 3 or 4 different colors to make a complementary color palette.
  2. A sketchbook
  3. Material to tie them all together, colorful string, florist wire, curling ribbon, and any light long string-like material is useful.
  4. A method to blow up the balloons.
  5. Nails and nail hooks.

Usually, you should have a few colors picked out as the base color of the arch. Of course, it can be anything you want, it is, however, more visually pleasing to have complimenting colors. It is important as well to understand the few balloon types that could be used. Of the few balloon types, a common type for balloon arch stands is the latex variety. These are common balloons that of course can pop under immense pressure or punctured but for an archway are perfect.

To properly make an arch, you must have a design in mind in terms of size of the arch, angle of arch, and placement of arch in your setting. Here it is proper to make a rough sketch, whether you can draw or not this will still help visual how you want your balloon arch stand to look. This can also help you make adjustments along the way if you don’t like how you’re setting the balloons up.

The balloons themselves will need to be hoisted and tied to a base. This base can be any string-like strong material that can create the structure’s path. This acts at the shape and it is the most important to keep the balloon arch stand the way you want. The balloons can be tied together and then the wire can be wrapped around the tied points to secure the balloons. Make sure to have a lot of wire so that even if you don’t use all of it, you will have it.

An easy way to blow up balloons is to use an automatic air machine that can fill up the balloons very quickly. This, of course, requires additional money to spend but it would save a lot of time. Time to use for better structuring your balloon arch stand. With the addition of a balloon measurement tool, like a piece of cardboard with a hole in it to make sure each balloon is roughly the same size, you can make your stand as good as it can look. You can also manually blow air in but that isn’t an easy way to blow up balloons.

To shape the arch if it is next to a wall, you can insert nails into the wall, and use nail hooks to keep the balloons up. This helps to keep them sturdier as well as keep them in a specific way you would like. Afterward, you can fill in the nail holes with relative ease so it would not cause any lasting damage but it would make an impressive improvement to the structure of your balloon arch stand.