How to Maintain a Hardwood Floor – Polyurethane Finish

Hardwood flooring is an ancient floor décor that has never lost its natural beauty and allure to this day. In fact, it is the number one appealing floor in most homes in the developed countries.

The natural beauty and elegance is one reason that a hardwood floor still tops the list of all floor décor besides the warmth it provides and safety from being slippery. Nevertheless, as elegant as it might be, it is susceptible to damages due to any slight wrong action. Be careful when handling it to avoid messing it up while looking to uplift its luster and elegance.

While employing extra care by selecting the right tools or cleaning solutions you will use there are things you might mistakenly do that can cause severe damages to the floor. You will therefore avoid some of those mistakes when you get informed about them.

7 Mistakes that can Damage Your Hardwood Floor

In this list, you will get to know some of the common hardwood floor mistakes that can damage the floor and how to avoid them.

#1 – Doormats

As simple as it might be, lack of a doormat can lead to scratches on your hardwood floor and thus deteriorate it. Stepping inside the house in shoes can bring in grit which will then cause scratches.

Placing a doormat and especially with a ‘Welcome’ sign is a way polite way to ask your visitors to wipe their shoes as well as to make your visitors feel welcomed and homely.

Shoes with sharp heel are also damaging to the floor. Don’t walk on the floor with this kind of shoes. Use house slippers on your floor.

#2 – Sweeping

Failing to sweep or vacuum clean your floor more often can cause buildup dirt which can cause scratches or marks by stepping on them. Sweep the floor regularly using one of the best hardwood floor brooms with soft bristles. You will then avoid scratching the floor by using the wrong broom with hard bristles and stepping on grit.

#3 – Furniture Glides

Placing furniture directly on the wood floor would be detrimental in causing scratches with when you slightly move them. Again, sitting on a couch or chair without a pad under the legs would destroy the floor by gouging it due to weight.

Use furniture pads under your furniture to avoid such damages and even making it easy for you when you need to push them around.

#4 – Liquids

Leaving liquids spilled on the floor for a long time can damage your hardwood floor. Wipe immediately as some can stain it. Also, if you must use water to clean your floor, use a damp hardwood floor mop or cloth but not a wet one as too much water can cause warping.

#5 – Cleaning Solutions

Some cleaning solutions are abrasive and therefore wrong to your hardwood floor. Don’t use just any cleaning solutions but be selective to get the best hardwood floor cleaners.

While most people preach about using vinegar to clean hardwood floor, refrain from using it or be careful to know how to mix since it is acidic and therefore abrasive.

#6 – Cleaning Tools

When you use a beater bar vacuum cleaner on your hardwood floor, you can ruin it by causing dents or scrapes to the finish. Use only the best vacuum cleaner for hardwood floor to avoid other worse damages.

Be cautious to get only the best brooms with soft bristles for your hardwood floor to avoid scratches from using hard bristle broom when sweeping. And for the mop, get the best hardwood mop for excellent cleaning without any damage.

#7 – Rugs & Carpets

Do not have rugs backed with rubber or vinyl on your hardwood floor since they can cause dullness or discolor. Change your rug or carpet’s position regularly for the uniformity of color tone on the floor finish.


Avoid these seven common hardwood floor care mistakes, and you will maintain beauty and elegance to your high investment floor while extending its life.