How I Make My Laminated Floor Keep Gleaming- Prevention is the Key

How I Make My Laminated Floor Keep Gleaming- Prevention is the Key
The beauty of laminated floor is the shiny surface it reflects. If the shining fades over time, the floor becomes just like logs of wood packed together. This would dull the neat appearance of your home. In order to avoid this, it’s necessary you vacuum it every day and try to keep it away from water, grit particles, and scratches or possibly minimize frequent movement.

Avoid water as much as possible. To get a dirty floor cleaned, a little water is enough to get it done.  In most cases, a dust mop is all you need for regular cleaning. Dirty spots are cleaned using a soft rag and spray bottle.

To avoid scratches, always inspect the bottom of your furniture occasionally, and ensure that the furniture pads have not worn out or missing. Missed ones should be replaced.

Don’t forget to place your pet dishes on a pad. Sometimes those dishes can scratch the laminated floor especially when it is kicked randomly by your pets.

Sun rays pose a threat to your floor day after day. It can fade out some sections of the floor. Therefore it is paramount to shield the floor from sun rays by using curtains.

However despite all these preventive approaches already highlighted, one of the biggest challenges is how to clean the floor regularly even without water. Using mop is most times, not the best because some mop streaks the floor. On the same note, switching from using a mop to using absorbent towel still may not be the best idea. Just imagine cleaning with absorbent towel daily- this can be stressful and tiring. Even sweeping may not be the best way-So what is the best regular cleaning method? It’s vacuuming

Have you ever vacuumed your floor? Vacuuming is much better than sweeping. This is because vacuuming sucks out grit particles and dust particles with no zero chance of streaking the floor.

Knowing that vacuuming is the best method for regular cleaning is one thing. Knowing the right vacuum cleaner to use is another thing. Not every vacuum cleaner is used for cleaning. Some do not have the effective suction power to suck up slightly heavy small particles. That is why we scouted the market and painstakingly compiled a list of top-rated vacuum cleaners designed for your floor.

These top-rated vacuum cleaners are designed with trending technology to scrub, dust and pick up particles. They are versatile, some are anti-allergen.  So if you’re asthmatic, no need to worry. If you have respiratory issues, no need to worry also. And the good news is that most of them are fairly affordable.

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