Frequently asked questions about best tow rope

The biggest concern when off-roading maybe your vehicle is damage is getting your car stuck. Luckily, your trip doesn’t need to be spoiled if you have a reliable tow strap with you. The best tow rope is essential item as it is not only come in handy for this reason, it also get you out of all sorts of trouble.

If you not really know about the top rope and how to properly use it, these following are some frequently asked questions about it.

#1 What are tow rope made of?

Depending on manufactures, the tow rope can be made of different materials. But A vast majority of tow rope are made of nylon, polyester, polypropylene. If you are looking for a tow rope to tow boats and vehicles, then we want recommend you polyethylene as it is made of UV resistant materials, and offers better durability. Means while nylon more expensive and has a little more stretch, it also works well to absorb shock.

#2 Can tow rope use for all types of vehicle?

You cannot use a tow rope to tow an automatic vehicle. If you are using an automatic vehicle then you should know that your car cannot be towed using this method. Due to their architecture, the automatic vehicles do not allow to move their wheels freely without the driving of human.

But this is the key features to performing an amateur tow with a tow rope. There are some other ways for towing an automatic vehicle, but you should be careful since doing so can cause permanent damage. It is better to call a professional when your automatic vehicle need to be towed.

#3 What is the tow rope capacity?

When you are buying a vehicle tow rope, the capacity of the rope is the most important factor to consider. The tow rope capacity is measured in pounds. It shows the limit weight of the vehicle or boat, which the tow rope can be used for.

In the case if you buy a tow rope for boarding or tubing, you must choose the rope with a certain capacity depent on the liable number of riders.

Remember to determine and check the actual payload weight your tow strap is rated for before attaching it to a vehicle to avoide any unexpect accident for both you and your vehicle.

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