Which is the best position to fart?

Which is the best position to fart?
Farting is a natural activity that happens frequently and sometimes out of control.

According to the study, most adult people average fart at least 14 times per day. Ever thought everybody farts, but a fart in public can make you feel embarrassment and discomfort.

However, build up gas in the body may cause bowel hurts and bloat, so farting relieves that pain. Eating strange food, eating too fast, unreasonable diet or abdominal cramps can cause farting.

There are some yoga and relax position can help you release gas and bloating that build up in your body.

#1 Yoga poses to pass gas

Following some India yoga exercises on the internet such as youtube or blogs, you may find the best position to fart.

Yoga can be practiced anywhere, all you need is a blank space and a yoga mat. But it brings many benefits to your body.

Child’s pose (Balasana), Knee to chest (Wind relieving pose), Seated forward fold, Supine core exercises, etc are some poses of yoga that improve digestion, push all the gas out of the colon.

#2 Physical activity

Not only yoga, but there is little physical activity that can also the best position to fart easily and reduces any discomfort you may get.

Walking on your feed can be all you need to do to relieve gas in a short time. Doing a litter physical activity like walking at least 30 minutes per day and 3 times per week helps avoid intestinal disease, eliminate abdominal bloating.

Or you can fart when lying down on your bed, sofa, carpet. You need to lie on one side and draw your knees toward your chest.

This simple position can also especially effective in move fart that builds up in the body.