What are the best marine charger inverters for the money?

The best marine inverter charger is essential equipment to have in your boat that supplies the power for electrical appliances work reliably on the boat. For a variety of marine inverter recommendations, visit link. However, aside from power outputs and waveforms, the price tag is the factor that I look for when choosing the best inverter.

This is because most of quality inverters on the market cost a lot of money. Therefore, I wrote down these reviews and buying guide base on my experience about good quality, reliable and effective inverter that are affordable and offer the best value for the price that you should consider. If you are the one that have limited budget, you will satisfy with any option on this list.

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#1 Go Power! Heavy Duty Modified Sine Wave Inverter (3000-watts)

This is the marine power inverter that best for the budget. This not means that it is the cheapest unit, but with all the features or technical specifications you get in this inverter, it is totally best value for the price. There are 3 version available are 1000W, 1750W and 3000W. you can get 3000W version with under $400.

If you are looking for the best inverter that can be used with long hours power consumption, provide enough power for charging smartphone, tablet, torch, TV, radio and other appliances, consider this perfect choice.

It provides 3000 watts of continuous power, ensure the boat would not run out off power on the water. What I like most is that it offers high watt power supply for many appliances during extensive period of time.

This is also the ideal option for who are looking for the small inverter but still offers high capacity. It has 3000W capacity that ensure you will have enough power for small and medium sized appliances during such a long time. It can be hook-up to the battery due to GP-DC-KIT5. There are 4 AC outlets to plug into the point. It comes with protection for overvoltage, under the voltage and overload protection. Go Power! provide a 1-year warranty for this product.

#2 PowerBright PW2300-12 12-Volt Modified Sine Wave Inverter

PowerBright 12-volt modified sine wave inverter is the reliable power source for appliances and lights. With under $240, this is also cost effective charger for who are in the budget. What I like most about this inverter that you cannot find in other inverters is that it has anodized aluminum casing for durability or long term use. It also features sophisticated microprocessors and transistors. All these features making this inverter one of the most efficient and long lasting.

This marine inverter outputs 2300 watts continuously and peaks at 4600 watts, it is quite strong inverter. Although it is modified wave inverter, sophisticated technology that it features will help protect your appliances even the most sensitive one. There are two 3-prong 120V AC outlets.

The battery can be connected directly to the inverter. It features the LED display, which will show the input and output information. It also provides some safety features that warn you when it is low-voltage, overload shutdown, thermal shutdown, short circuit shutdown. You also do not need to worry about over heat as the inverter features a cooling fan and heat sink. Its Efficiency is up to 90 percent power factor.

#3 IpowerBingo 1200W Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter

IpowerBingo is an affordable true pure sine power inverter, it can be the cheapest unit on this list. You can get a pure sine inverter with a limited budget while it still has the good build quality and many great features. Giving you a continuous wattage pure since wave of 1200 watts output and peak wattage of 2,400 watts, that means it is enough for you to charge appliances and electronics for hours.

It includes two 110V AC outlets for charging various device such as laptop, fan, TV or even larger sizes device like a fridge. There is a 3.1A USB charging ports that you can connect your smartphone directly. The output and input wattage also display on the built-in LED display.

It is equipped with aluminum alloy casing and cooling fan that ensure the inverter runs cool. It also features protection for overvoltage and polarity reverse.

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