What are the best portable marine inverter charger for small boat?

It is obvious that you will need to bring many appliances like TV sets, air conditioners, smartphone, tablet, microwave ovens, coffee makers, etc in your boats or yacht. And the best marine inverter charger is what I choose to keep these appliances operate. This is because the invertor does not use fuel, does not emit harmful gases and silently. Check this article for more.

This LINK is where you can look for many type of best marine inverter charger. However, my problem with most invertor in the market is that they are quite bulky, large and heavy. I have a small boat and I just need the compact invertor that can fulfil my needs. Here are my top 3 of best inverter charger to use on water. They not only provide enough power for battery and electrical appliances, but they are also very portable and do not take lots of space in the small boat.

#1 Rally Marine Grade 400W Power Inverter

With 400 watts continuously and 800 watts peak output, Rally Marine Grade Power Inverter is more than enough to provide power for most electrical appliances on the small boat. It features with circuit boards and clips that are rust and corrosion resistance. The dual AC ports with 400W output for power bigger appliances and two USB ports can be connected and power smaller devices such as computer, smartphone, laptop, gaming devices, tablets. This inverter will make your needs fulfilled when you are on water.

It will prevent overloads and overheating. It also shut down automatically if the battery is low, that means it will protect others appliances. If there is any fault, you will know due to the LED light status indicator.

Comes with the inverter, you also get a power cord and battery clips in the pack. It comes with a 2-year limited warranty. Despite its huge power output, it weighs only 1.88 pounds. One more important thing is that it weighs only 1.88 pounds with the huge power output, making it one of the most portable inverter.

#2 Xantrex Technology Inc, 806-1210 Inverter Prowatt Sw 1000

If you do not have any experience on choosing the best marine inverter, then you should go for the popular, well known brands, and Xantrex is the manufacturers like this. It can be the best inverter on my list since it provide high power output while still compact and very lightweight. It provides 2,000 watts continuous output and reach peaks at 3,000 watts. Due to its capacity, it is totally worth the top of best inverter and it is enough to power various appliances at once in your boat.

There is a digital display, which will show you you the necessary information about its voltage. For smaller devices in the boat, you can connect them with AC outlets and USB ports. It also shut down automatically when the voltage is too low, this will help to protect your appliances.

The inverter has protection for low voltage, high voltage, overloads, and overheating. What I like most is Its weighs, it is only 1.59 pounds, what makes it very portable. Many users have feedback that it is very durable.

#3 Cantonape 1500W Pure Sine Wave Inverter 12V to 110V Power Converter

Cantonape 1500W Pure Sine Wave Inverter comes with dual standard AC outlets and also two different digital display that show information status of battery voltage, and AC output voltage. There is also an LED indicator, so you will know if there is any fault. It also prevents overheating due to the intelligent cooling fan, the fan will adjust its speed automatically due to how hot the invertor is. That means if the temperature is higher, the fan will run faster.

It comes with continuous output of 1,500 watts and a peak power of 3,000 watts. There are also four extra fuses so you do not need to worry about accident. It provides feature six way protection are overload, short circuit, overheating, reverse polarity, low voltage, and high voltage protection. Your batteries and other appliances in the boat will be safe. Cantonape offers you a 1-year warranty for this product. Its weight is 6.4 pounds, in compare with its range, this inverter is one of the lightest.