Buying guide for the best cast iron tortilla press

Buying guide for the best cast iron tortilla press
A tortilla is one of the very few global popular foods. Thinking of handmade corn tortilla at home might a complex process, but if you have a cast iron tortilla, you will change your way of thinking.

Cast iron tortilla press is known as the modern way of making tortilla and the most popular type of tortilla presses. The tortilla press is a round-shaped tool that is used to make corn tortillas.

With this kitchen appliance, you can make a tasty flatbread with an even thickness. So what makes the best cast iron tortilla?

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#1 Type

There are two types of cast iron tortilla: electric and non-electric models. Are you need a simple tortilla press or something more convenient?

The non-electric press is a simple model and it has a mission to flatten your dough. But if you want to save your time when making tortillas and skip the step of cooking, you should buy an electric press.

All you need to do is to press the flat surfaces and press the tortilla will bake your dough and do all the cooking part for you. As a result, an electric press could make the best corn tortilla press.

#2 Size

Most of tortilla presses are quite big, bulky and may take a lot of space in your kitchen.

If you do not have enough space, you should choose a press that has a compact size. The size of tortilla press is also depended on how big you want the tortillas to be.

#3 Easy to clean

You should also consider if the press you are going to buy is easy to clean or not. You cannot clean them with the dishwasher but the press with simple design is easier to clean.

Luckily, compared to the others, the press with cast iron material is usually the easiest to clean.