What are the extra features should have in 4 slice toasters?

What are the extra features should have in 4 slice toasters?
If you’re in the market looking for a new toaster, you’ll notice right away there’s a wide modern option to choose from. Today’s 4 slice toaster provide a lot more features than just toasting bread, what make your cooking tasks much easier, faster and tastier.

Although they are undeniably more expensive than older devices, modern models include extra features will helps browning bread of every shape and size. When you’re looking for a best 4 slice toaster, think about what you use your new model for the most, and make sure it has everything you need.

#1 Reheat and keep warm

Reheat mode lets you just warm toast without toasting it any further. There is always the case that you put your toast down and forgot about it. This is where a reheat function can come in handy. With older toaster, you may have to toast your bread again and make it overheat.

Some toasters also have a keep warm mode, which keep the toast warm after it is done for a short amount of time. This mode will lower your toast back into the toaster, some models even do this automatically if you are not ready to take the toasts out.

#2 Defrost

A defrost setting is great for frozen waffles or bread. Basiclly, defost mode will be perform by increase the time of toasting process with lower heat than usual, so you get the same results as if the waffles or bread were fresh.

#3 Countdown Timer

If you want to prepare toasts for breakfast while doing the other things, a countdown timer could be a valuable addition. The screnn in fron of your toaster will show how many seconds remain before your toast is ready. It even will alarm you when your toasts are done, That means you can continue your morning routine, rather than waiting around for toast to pop.

#4 lift and look

This fature allow you pause toasting for a while and take a look at the progress of your toast and to check doneness. You just need raise the lever to pause the toasting, and if you want to continue toasting, lower it again.

#5 A bit more or a little longer

This mode will lets you to toast your bread a little longer if the bread wasn’t toasted to your liking

#6 Digital display and controls

Modern models come with a lot of option with buttons to lift the toast out of the toaster instead of a lever. They allow you to digital control the browning level of the toast as you want with more accurate.