What are the best 12 volt marine deep cycle batteries?

What are the best 12 volt marine deep cycle batteries?
The best 12 volt marine batteries are essential part for your boat as it can power an engine as well as power a lot of electrical equipment in the boat. It is not an easy task to choose the right marine battery that matches your needs. But if you looking for the batteries that powering an electric trolling motor, so you should go for marine deep cycle batteries.

This type of marine batteries will provide smooth, reliable power slowly over a long time. Deep cycle batteries will offer the evenly amount of current until they are discharged and they also require more time to be fully recharged than other type of marine batteries.

#1 Optima OPT8016-103 Deep Cycle Marine Battery

The BlueTop marine buttery from Optima can make an excellent supplement for any boat. It offers great technology and recharging times. It can be the powerful supply for electronic systems, trolling motors, and even RVs. Not only boat it also can be used for other 12v vehicles., The OPTIMA BlueTop is also starting marine battery with 12v and 750 cold-cranking AMPs. Its power is enough to quickly turn even the largest of boat engines or RV motors. It features first-touch ignition technology that no other barriers can do. It ensures the effective even in bad weather

Optima BlueStop can be easy to mounted anywhere in the boat while still ensure all the functionalities are work well. You also not need to worry about vibration problems as this marine battery is designed to reduce up to fifteen times more vibration but still deliver constantly 120 minutes.

It is spill-proof so that it requires less effort of maintenance. It offers excellent spiral cell technology. However, the only downside here is that it does not provides the best durable performant as it only trolling for up to 4 hours.

#2 VMAX XTR31-135 AGM Marine Battery 12V

The VMAX MR135 batteries has the same price with Optima batteries. At the first sight these batteries has the shiny black color with sturdy handle and compact size. the VMAX XTR31-135 is one of the most quality, reliable power when it comes to best deep cycle marine batteries. It’s an AGM battery, that means that it does not requires any maintenance, you also do not worry about installing as it can be mounted at any angle.

It is very useful that this VMAX MR135 can even be temporarily submerged but does not causing damage. What I like about this battery is that it offers superior plates and long lifespan of a float service application that can be 10 to 12 years.

Its compact size measures 13” x 6.8” x 8.4” that does not take lots of space. 135Ah can delivers 6.75 amps per hour and last for 20-hour, it is an excellent power source that will provides power for event larger trolling motors. If the fully charged battery deliver a continuous current of 25 amps, it can last for 265 minutes. It is a deep cycle battery but in the emergency situation, it also can turn the medium-sized motors thanks to the CCA rating of 730 amps.

#3 Mighty Max Battery ML35-12 DC DEEP Cycle SLA Solar Energy Storage Battery

If you are looking for the budget options but still offer the great performance then you should co for Mighty Max ML35-12. With about $64, it is much less costs than other previous options on this list. However, it features small-thrust trolling motors that is 35Ah, that means it only suitable for small boat, kayaks, canoes. It is also compact and lightweight. The battery detention is 5.16” x 7.68” x 7.13” and weighs just 23.25 pounds.

There is the solution if you want to get the battery that can provide 70 amp hours is wiring two batteries together. Due to that, you also can save more money than purchase on the single battery. Although comes with the affordable price, the battery also offers zero leaking and low maintenance features of AGM batteries. It also allows to be mounted at any angle of the boat.

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