To ensure natural resources are managed to sustain environmental quality, human well being and support improved standards of living.


In upholding the National Constitution the Department seeks to honor the following values


‘We, the people of Papua New Guinea declare our fourth goal to be for Papua New Guinea’s natural resources and environment to be conserved and used for the collective benefit of all, and be replenished for future generations.’

    1. Environment Act 2000
    2. CEPA Act-2014
    3. Crocodile Trade Protection Act
    4. Fauna Protection and Control Act
    5. International Fauna and Flora Trade Act
    6. National Parks Act 1982159
    7. Public Services Management Act
    1. Env- (Permits & Transitional) Regulation 2002
    2. Env- (Prescribed Activities) Regulation 2002
    3. Env- (Water Quality Criteria) Regulation 2002
    4. Env-(Fees & Charges) Regulations 2002
    5. Information Guideline (Appln_ Waste Discharge Permit)
    6. Information Guideline (EIA & EIS)
    7. Information Guideline (EIR)
    8. Information Guidelines for Air Discharge
    9. Technical Guideline (Noise Discharge)
    10. Technical Guideline (Water & Land Discharges)